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Harvester: An Alternative to VMware for your Distributed Hybrid Infrastructure


Time to Rethink Your IT Strategy

The recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has created significant price and product uncertainty in the Federal IT market with Broadcom's decision to change VMware's licensing model. As budgets tighten and technology changes, relying on traditional legacy systems lock agencies into a cycle of unsustainable costs with limited functionality. Sounds like an opportune time to rethink your IT strategy - exploring more innovative alternatives and moving away from traditional virtual machines (VMs) where possible.

Our Modern Alternative to Legacy Infrastructure: Harvester 

Rancher Government offers a modern alternative to legacy hardware systems with Harvester at its core. A hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution, Harvester is built to run containers and virtual machines simultaneously, allowing you to manage both from a single interface, improving operational efficiency and reducing management overhead. As a result, the agency achieves greater flexibility and scalability in adapting to evolving mission requirements while ensuring seamless continuity of critical services.

A Phased Approach to Legacy Workload Migration 

Rancher Government’s phased approach to infrastructure modernization offers federal customers an initial migration assessment to understand customer objectives, evaluate their IT systems, understand their challenges and level of readiness for a migration. Even if an environment is not entirely ready, we can still devise a strategic plan to initially aim to reduce the footprint of the current infrastructure software stack. 

Learn how our approach allows the gradual migration of legacy workloads using Kubernetes for efficient 
orchestration and lifecycle management to minimize disruptions and maximize efficiency.