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How to Build An Enterprise IT Strategy for Kubernetes 

Organizations love Kubernetes because it helps significantly increase the agility and efficiency of their software development teams, enabling them to reduce the time and perils associated with putting new software into production. Information technology operations teams love Kubernetes because it helps boost productivity, reduces costs and risks, and moves organizations closer to achieving their hybrid cloud goals.

Simply put, Kubernetes makes it easier to manage software complexity. As enterprise applications become more complex, development and operations (DevOps) teams need a tool that can orchestrate that complexity. They need a way to launch all the services dependent on these applications, making sure the applications and services are healthy and can connect to one another.

This paper will explore:

  • Understanding your organization's Current Kubernetes Adoption
  • Visibility into where Kubernetes will be in the next five years
  • Determining who should own the Kubernetes strategy for your agency
  • How to decide whether to centralize or decentralize your Kubernetes management
  • Containerization considerations
  • Enabling broad and full Kubernetes adoption across your organization
  • What you need to know about the evolving enterprise container management platforms
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