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Edge Computing - Decentralized Processing and Hosting Extended Anywhere

What is Edge Computing?

A common definition of Edge Computing is that it “places content, data, and processing closer to the applications, things, and users that consume and interact with them.” But that definition is amorphous and doesn’t answer what Edge Computing is, what it means, and why it matters.

At its core, Edge Computing is the ability to decouple computing from traditional infrastructures. It involves thinking about how to extend compute power, processing, and hosting beyond the traditional data center or cloud environment and into the kind of smaller-form, low-powered computing devices that can be found in a car driving down the road, on an assault vehicle in theater, or even on a warfighter’s backpack.

These places – the car, the vehicle on the battlefield, the backpack – comprise a whole universe of possibilities about what computing environments could look like in the future and where they could also exist. They make up what’s sometimes called the “far edge.”

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